Versapak saves Twinings Tea time and money

Versapak supplies Twinings with Tamper Evident Bags which save them money and improves office efficiency.
Versapak saves Twinings Tea time and money

The Challenge

Global tea brand Twinings, which holds the record for the world’s oldest continually- used company logo approached Versapak in September 2014 in order to help with the problem of transferring important mail and documents between departments of their UK headquarters in Andover, Hampshire. The team at Twinings approached Versapak with a view to assisting them with an internal problem they were facing. As confidentiality and privacy is not as much as a problem for internal information dissemination, the team at Twinings did not require transportation bags with security seals but instead were looking to invest in strong and robust bags designed to keep all paperwork neat and organised.

The Solution

In order to recommend the most relevant and useful products to fit their needs, Versapak took on board its 40 year history of quality manufacturing within its own European factory in order to ensure high standards and customer satisfaction needs were met. Versapak supplied Twinings with two sizes of document/mail pouches with gussets. The tamper evident mailing bags are typically designed for sending, storing or transporting documents and bulkier items. The bags, made from high quality durable, weather-resistant material are manufactured to the highest quality standards with strong, durable material meaning these bags won’t tear or burst. This also makes them a perfect cost-effective and reusable alternative to envelopes for Twinings.

Benefits to the Customer

Versapak bags are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a 5 year guarantee. Twinings are now able to transfer documents between departments in an organised and efficient manner whilst saving approximately 90% on the cost of paper envelope.

Information about Twinings

Twinings has been making tea for 300 years, and with over 500 varieties is one of the biggest producers of tea in the world. In 1837 they received a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen and have held it ever since.

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