Reusable Bag Solutions

Versapak have decades of experience manufacturing quality, reusable bags in hundreds of different designs and with different use purposes. This allows us to offer excellent insights into the ideal design of bags, pouches or larger carriers specifically required for the purpose of being a multiple use bag for situations where a ship and return system is in place. This allows companies to reduce disposable packaging requirements whilst still ensuring the contents of shipments are transported safely and securely to their destinations. Sometimes this may be for external shipping between depots or customers, but can also be for internal shipping and sorting.

Having a robust solution which can be reused again and again is specifically important when shipping across the UK using a postal service where the bag will come into contact with a high level of external contact during the shipping process. We are so confident in the quality of our bags that all Versapak bags are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a 5-year guarantee.

The uses and functionality of these types of bags can vary massively from company to company. For example, Versapak could offer solutions for the following storage and transportation requirements.

  1. Clothes Rental Services
  2. Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair Services
  3. Disc Based Delivery and Returns
Let’s look at how these examples work in practical terms.

Example 1 - Clothes Rental Services

Clothes rental services for both special events and also for young children (who are growing quickly) are becoming increasingly popular, as is the rise of customers openly purchasing multiple clothing items so they can try something on at home before returning some, if not all items. For companies offering these services, it’s essential to have a quality bag for delivery of these items and their subsequent return which is robust and fit for purpose.

It’s not just items by the post which can benefit from a Versapak bag – retailers can use Versapak products between their main distribution offices and smaller stores to ensure products are well packaged and avoid any damage during shipping even when using their own couriers or logistic teams.

Example 2 - Mobile Phone & Tablet Repair Services

With the price of mobile phones steadily increasing, the market for repairing phones is also growing. With so many screen breakages on modern phones, phone repair by post solutions are increasing in demand. Versapak are able to offer padded reusable bags for this purpose and we are able to manufacture larger custom bags for the movement and storage of mobile phones or tablets internally within a business.

Coupled with the use of tamper evident seals, companies can use individual bags to move devices internally. Using different coloured seals as these items go through repair and quality testing can also act as an excellent visual indicator when keeping track of an item as well as ensuring any accompanying paperwork is kept secure with the electrical item.

The above are just a few examples of the ways in which Versapak can manufacture reusable bags to suit the needs of a specific application where a slightly different solution may be required depending on the customer. If you have a requirement where one of our reusable bags would be ideal, get in touch with us today by clicking here.

Check out our YouTube Video:

The Versapak Padded Device Pouch is ideal for storing and transporting delicate electronic devices in a tamper evident manner. While device software can secure data with passwords, there is no guarantee that an owner has done that - leaving you liable to a data breach. Don't place your organisation a risk of accidentally releasing sensitive personal data. Use this padded device carrier with our patented T2 Security Seal to create accountability and a ‘chain of custody’.

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Example 3 - Bags for Disc Based Delivery and Return

Whilst multiple services used to exist where you could hire DVD’s or Blu-Rays delivered directly to your front door, the advent of streaming services has reduced this market. But for high value video games, the market for renting games has yet to evolve into a mainstream digital market and rental services for discs still exist.

The shipping of video games via the post lends itself well to a Versapak custom pouch, whereby the disc can be put into one of our custom bags, posted to a customer and then returned by the customer in the exact same bag!

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