Ian Denny Anderson

Owner and Chairman

Versapak UK was established in 1973 by Ian, in a small office above a restaurant in Chislehurst, Kent. Father of two and entrepreneur to not only a business, but a Ski-School and Rock Band, Ian launched Versapak and its namesake product, the Versapak; a simple, yet effective reusable security mailing pouch. The Versapak range of products became known for being durable, secure and cost effective, and was soon widely accepted by postal authorities and courier companies throughout the world.

The Versapak business flourished in the UK and after a few years started to expand selling to many countries around the world. Versapak International’s UK HQ is based in Erith, Kent where we have a very active sales and marketing office and warehouse. Versapak Europe has a sales office and warehouse in Haan, Germany and was established in 2002. The Versapak Group own manufacturing facilities in Romania and has been operating since 2001.

Caroline Atkinson

Group Managing Director

Nichola Carroll

Office Manager

Kelly Bishop

Group Finance Director

Spencer Davis

Group Sales Director

Jennifer Bowden

Group Head of Marketing

Eduard Vintilescu

Branch Manager Versapak Europe

Lee Harmer

Group Head of Sales

Anthony Gomme

Global Supply Chain Manager

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