Versatile Bags from Versapak

Versapak medical bags used to deliver pizzas!
Versatile Bags from Versapak


As a major supplier of versatile bags and packaging items for a great many industries and sectors, we at Versapak have had the good fortune to encounter some remarkably high-profile clients. One such customer is Telepizza.

The Challenge

The idea of using Versapak bags for food delivery came about when we investigated the technology within our blood bags, which are typically used to store and transport blood within the medical sector. It transpired that these bags would be perfect for transporting food, as they provided an ideal mix of protection, insulation, and ease of carriage. We promoted this idea via a direct mail marketing campaign targeted at pizza shops, and Telepizza were among the first to respond.

The Solution

Following the initial contact, we visited the customer at their headquarters and provided samples of appropriate materials in several available thicknesses and strengths. Telepizza then provided specifications for an insulated pizza delivery bag. We responded with a design of a size suitable for holding pizzas of all varieties, with a foam inner to provide insulation and a high-quality red finish for a professional appearance, which Telepizza accepted. We then produced a full shipment of the item and delivered a total of 2,000 bags over five separate consignments.

What is Happening Now?

The working relationship between Versapak and Telepizza is now in its fifth year

Information about Telepizza

Telepizza is a large pizza company based in Spain. From their headquarters in Madrid, Telepizza operates an impressive network of pizza restaurants and takeaway outlets throughout mainland Europe and much of the Spanish-speaking world.

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