Sustainability and Charity – the perfect combination

Sustainability and Charity – the perfect combination

Pictured, Chris Hill from Beat my Additions giving out groundsheets in London for the Back to Kindness rucksack appeal. The team at Shrewsbury Ark delighted with the groundsheets delivery.

Sustainability conscious Versapak continues their mission to ensure that they are a minimal waste business whilst supporting very worthy causes.  

As part of their Recycle your Versapak Scheme, Versapak take back end of life Versapak products and either recycle the material to make groundsheets or donate the bags to charity.

December was a busy month for the scheme as hundreds of groundsheets and bags were donated to needy charities. Read more below:


Beat My Addictions

A charity that supports people to overcome their addictions. They also organise a yearly rucksack appeal with 150+ volunteers and in excess of 1000 donated rucksacks and sleeping bags. The charity takes to the streets of London to distribute the rucksacks and talk to homeless people, give them time, attention and listen non-judgmentally to their stories while providing the supplies they need. Versapak heard about the appeal and wanted to support them by adding waterproof groundsheets to their supplies. 


Shrewsbury Ark

This is a charity that helps homeless and vulnerable people. They offer practical support providing basic facilities, hot meals, clothing, toiletries, and sleeping bags. But it's more than just services. They also offer emotional and mental support. Versapak was proud to donate groundsheets to this very worthy cause.


Advance Charity

Advance is a national charity supporting women and girls who have experienced domestic abuse. They provide specialist support by women and for women and girls, to achieve safety, justice and equality at the intersection of domestic abuse and the criminal justice system. Versapak donated bags for them to pass on to people in their care.

If you would like to know more about our Recycle your Versapak Scheme please contact us for information.

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