Versapak Patient Overnight Bag - Red Bag Front
Patient Overnight Bag - Red Bag $95.00
This NHS red bag has been designed as part of the NHS Red Bag Pathway Scheme. It is a high quality, hard wearing and durable bag for personal property of individuals when being transferred between their care home and hospital.
Versapak Medical Records Holdall Blue T2
Medical Records Holdall $76.00
This tamper evident carrier is used to transport and store confidential patient medical records.  Once filled, the holdall is sealed using a Versapak tamper evident security seal. If the seal is broken, the recipient can see that the integrity of the contents could have been compromised.
Secure Holdall (T2) Group
Secure Holdall from $54.00
Designed to ensure large volumes of sensitive files and high value items are transported in a tamper evident manner. This versatile bag is reusable and made from high quality weather resistant material that is robust and burst proof.
Versapak Flat Mailing Wallet CVF T2 Group
Flat Mailing Wallet from $11.00 $19.00
Used to transport and store sensitive or confidential documents. Versapak tamper evident document wallets are a reusable alternative to single use polythene envelopes. They are used by many organisations including banks, schools, retail outlets and document storage facilities.
Versapak Mail Pouch with Gusset T2
Mail Pouch with Gusset from $44.00
Ideal for sending large, bulky items and has a long edge zip on 3 sides for easy loading. It is a reusable alternative to single use polythene envelopes. Versapak tamper evident document wallets are an integral part of procedures in banks, offices, retail outlets and document storage facilities.
Versapak Key Storage Wallet - Clear Front (A5) T2 Blue
Key Storage Wallet - Clear Front (A5) from $11.00 $17.00
A clear fronted pouch used to store keys in security offices, hospitals and prisons. This reusable key holder wallet replaces single-use polythene bags and is tamper evident when sealed with a Versapak numbered T2 security seal.
Versapak Clear Security Wallet for Personal Items AS Group Image T2
Clear Security Wallet for Personal Items from $10.00 $16.00
Ideal for holding personal property including keys, money and phones and personal items in hospitals and prisons. It is a reusable alternative to single-use polythene bags. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
Versapak Pharmacy Fridge Pouch
Pharmacy Fridge Pouch $46.00
This pouch is used to transport medicines that need to be kept cool in transit. It is padded to protect the contents and is manufactured with antimicrobial material to prevent infection.
Versapak Specimen Transport Bags UN3373_BNDL
95kPa Specimen Transport Bags and Absorbent Pads – Pack of 100 $81.00
95kPa specimen transport bags used to transport specimens in a safe and compliant way. These single use polythene envelopes are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage and transport of diagnostic and clinical samples. They are compliant with UN3373 when used with tertiary packaging such as our UN3373 compliant Pathology Transport Bags according to packaging instruction P650. These independently-certified pressure bags are compliant with all relevant transport regulations. Sold in packs of 100.
Versapak Light Duty Mail Trolley (MT2R)
Light Duty Mail Trolley $196.00 $327.00
Medium capacity trolley used to deliver mail in an office or case notes, medication and samples in a hospital. It is highly manoeuvrable, has a robust contour design and it features two wire baskets.
Heavy Duty Mail Trolley (MT3R)
Heavy Duty Mail Trolley $409.00
For internal use to deliver bulkier parcels in busy offices or case notes, medications and samples in hospitals. It is highly manoeuvrable and has a robust, contour design and buffer protectors. It features two wire baskets and one pannier wire basket.
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Versapak Folding Box Trolley (MT19)
Folding Box Trolley Price on Request
Ideal for transporting items around an office, school or hospital. It has a folding box and two shelves. This trolley can be stored away by the side of a cupboard or filing cabinet when not in use. When needed, simply press a button and the trolley springs into action. It can be used to move around large amounts of small items or around two larger boxes.

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