Padded Device Storage Pouch in Action
Padded Device Storage Pouch $24.00 $39.00
Designed to store and transport multiple delicate electronic devices such as tablets or mobile phones. It is a cost-effective, reusable bag and ensures devices inside remain tamper proof when used with Versapak T2 numbered security seals.
Versapak Protective Tablet/Device Carriers
Protective Tablet/Device Carriers from $89.00
These padded, protective carriers are used to store and transport devices and tablets safely. These have 10 individual compartments and are manufactured with padding and reinforcement to ensure that the fragile devices/tablets can be transported without damage. The large tablet carrier accomodates the device and protective case.
Versapak Key Storage Wallet - Clear Front (A5) T2 Blue
Key Storage Wallet - Clear Front (A5) from $11.00 $17.00
A clear fronted pouch used to store keys in security offices, hospitals and prisons. This reusable key holder wallet replaces single-use polythene bags and is tamper evident when sealed with a Versapak numbered T2 security seal.
Secure Holdall (T2) Group
Secure Holdall from $54.00
Designed to ensure large volumes of sensitive files and high value items are transported in a tamper evident manner. This versatile bag is reusable and made from high quality weather resistant material that is robust and burst proof.
Versapak Mailing Wallet - Keys and Items Group Image
Mailing Wallet - Keys and Items from $12.00
Designed to store and transport small valuable items such as keys and jewellery. This reusable wallet for personal items replaces single-use polythene bags and is tamper evident when sealed with a Versapak numbered T2 security seal.
Versapak Protective Laptop/Device Pouch Inside
Protective Laptop/Device Pouch $32.00 $52.00
Used to store and transport laptops and iPads and other devices in a secure manner. This bag is reusable and is tamper evident when used with Versapak T2 numbered security seals.
T2 Security Seals (Numbered)
T2 Security Seals (Numbered) $61.00
Versapak premium security seal printed with unique numbers. Numbered T2 security seals are used to secure Versapak tamper evident bags pouches and carriers. This enables the tamper evident transportation of valuable items. Each pack contains 500 Security Seals.
Versapak Clear Security Wallet for Personal Items AS Group Image T2
Clear Security Wallet for Personal Items from $10.00 $16.00
Ideal for holding personal property including keys, money and phones and personal items in hospitals and prisons. It is a reusable alternative to single-use polythene bags. It is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.
Versapak Single Use Security Envelopes - Tamper Proof Seal Small
Single Use Security Envelopes - Tamper Proof Seal from $122.00
Polythene security bags used to safely store and transport sensitive items. 100% recyclable with a tear receipt. They have a unique barcode and sequential numbering. Price shown is per pack of 500 security bags.
Versapak Tamper Evident Void Labels Blue + Red
Tamper Evident Seal Labels (Void if Opened, Blue or Red) from $117.00
A security sticker seal used to seal boxes, doors and envelopes with an irreplaceable seal. They can be used to seal coin boxes, ATM cartridges, airline doors and compartments, first aid kits, electricity meters and security documents. The sticker is quick and easy to apply and leaves a visible security VOID message if removed. Each pack contains 1,000 Security Seals.
VersaLite+ Plastic Pull Tight Security Seals (Numbered)
VersaLite+ Plastic Pull Tight Security Seals (Numbered) $82.00
Versapak’s light duty, barbed tail pull/tie security seal, uniquely numbered. New and improved product providing the ultimate tamper evident pull tight seal with 2 breaking points.  It is suitable for a wide range of applications including sealing fire extinguishers, first aid kits and roll cages. Each pack contains 1,000 seals.
VersaPull - Metal Insert Plastic Security Seal (Blue)
VersaPull - Numbered Metal Jaw Plastic Security Seal from $104.00
Variable length security seal for vehicle doors, courier bags, airline and duty-free trolleys, security containers and more. This is a user-friendly security seal locking system. It can reduce losses with enhanced security and easy identification as each seal is printed with a Versapak logo and a unique number. It has a stainless steel locking mechanism and a smooth strap with side tear off option. Each pack contains 1,000 security seals.

Versapak carriers are reusable over 2,000 times and come with a 5 year guarantee which means that they provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to single-use envelopes.

Safe Storage of Equipment and Documentation

Versapak manufactures padded and protective device and laptop carriers which are very popular in schools to ensure that expensive equipment can be moved between classrooms and safely stored when not in use. We also supply wallets and pouches to securely transfer information and sensitive documents between departments and to external partners such as examination boards.  Our pouches ensure that confidentiality and data protection is not breached at any point. 

Securing Personal Items and Belongings

We have a whole product range designed to safely store personal items such as keys, mobile phones or jewellery which may have been confiscated or need to be kept safe.  We also supply cash and money bags to store and transport cash securely.

Versapak Security Seals

Versapak pouches and carriers are fitted with a tamper evident locking mechanism which, when fastened using one of our security seals ensures that the contents of the bag remain secure. As well as our bag security seals we also stock a range of plastic pull seals and plastic tie seals which can be used for many security sealing applications from fire extinguishers, medicine cabinets and fire doors.

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