New Product Alert - ICECATCH

New Product Alert - ICECATCH

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our extensive medical accessories range.

ICECATCH Solid Insulated Cool

These reusable Cooling Elements are used inside Versapak Medical Carriers to ensure that the contents stay between 2-8 degrees for an extended period.

Unlike other similar products, ICECATCH has an integrated insulation layer which prevents radiative cooling from the frozen cool brick with a temperature of -18°C from reaching the bag contents. ICECATCH only emits the desired cooling temperature of approx. +/- 0°C into the product space, thus ensuring that the temperature inside the carrier stays above the critical value of +2°C.

Environmentally Friendly

The PA/PE composite film that encloses ICECATCH consists of at least 50% ‘green’ polyethylene. In contrast to conventional plastic made from oil or natural gas, this ‘green’ plastic is made from sugar cane waste materials, offering a novel and sustainable alternative to standard polyethylene.

Key Features

  • Designed for customers needing an extended cold chain
  • Qualified system solution for transporting at +2°C to +8°C
  • Unique outer insulation layer prohibits the frozen cooling element touching the medical product inside the carrier
  • Emits the desired cooling temperature of approx. +/- 0°C into the product space
  • Melting range +/- 0°C
  • Phase transition 0°C
  • Thermal capacity: liquid 4,2 kJ/kg K, fest 2,08 kJ/kg K
  • Latent heat: 330 kJ/kg
  • Spreading of heat absorption around 0°C
  • No different preconditioning of cooling elements
  • Easy handling, no additional insulating material
  • FDA and EU-compliant film, non-toxic ingredients
  • Robust PA/PE-composite film is approved for food and pharmaceutical use

Available in two sizes:

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