Versapak's Latest Investment in Manufacturing Capacity

Versapak's Latest Investment in Manufacturing Capacity

Versapak now manufacture Security Seals in the UK

We are excited to have installed an Injection Moulding Machine at our branch Headquarters in Erith, Kent. All Versapak Security Seals, including our market leading T2 Seal will now be manufactured in the UK. This latest development in the Versapak story proves our passion for innovation and our commitment to providing our customers the highest quality and most fit for purpose products.

The Technology

Versapak has invested in a state-of-the-art Engel ‘Victory 500’ injection Moulding Machine. Engel uses a tie-bar-less technology enabling maximum flexibility and efficiency covering all our moulding requirements. We will be manufacturing all our current tamper evident bag seals in the UK as well as launching a new range of pull and tie seals for other applications.

Tamper Evident Seals

The Versapak unique patented T2 Seals provide the ultimate in tamper evident security. They have two strong secure legs, are available in a variety of colours and can be numbered, barcoded, and personalised.

High Quality

Versapak is passionate about making exceptional quality, great value products. By sourcing the best materials and manufacturing the seals ourselves, we can ensure that the highest level of quality control is always maintained.

Infection Prevention

Versapak T2 seals and VersaLite+ Seals incorporate our unique VersaShield Antimicrobial technology. VersaShield is proven to kill up to 99.5% of bacteria within 2 hours, stopping the spread of MRSA, E-coli mould and fungus and helping to combat the threat of COVID-19.


Versapak takes their impact on the environment very seriously which is why our T2 seals are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled by our customers using our ‘Recycle Seals Scheme’. Our new injection moulding machine also plays a big part in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the Engel is far more energy efficient than other similar machines, and it can recycle waste plastic to make new seals.

Versapak is a trusted company that values transparency, sustainability, and ethical business practices, putting our customers and their needs at the centre of what we do.

Sign up to the 'Recycle Your Seals' scheme with us here.

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We were fascinated by the installation process which our engineering team turned into an engaging time lapse video.

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