Versapak Protective Tablet/Device Carriers
Protective Tablet/Device Carriers from $89.00
These padded, protective carriers are used to store and transport devices and tablets safely. These have 10 individual compartments and are manufactured with padding and reinforcement to ensure that the fragile devices/tablets can be transported without damage. The large tablet carrier accomodates the device and protective case.
Versapak Protective Laptop/Device Pouch Inside
Protective Laptop/Device Pouch $32.00 $52.00
Used to store and transport laptops and iPads and other devices in a secure manner. This bag is reusable and is tamper evident when used with Versapak T2 numbered security seals.
Padded Device Storage Pouch in Action
Padded Device Storage Pouch $24.00 $39.00
Designed to store and transport multiple delicate electronic devices such as tablets or mobile phones. It is a cost-effective, reusable bag and ensures devices inside remain tamper proof when used with Versapak T2 numbered security seals.

Device Security

Versapak designed their secure reusable device pouches to provide a solution for organisations that are using inadequate packaging to transport devices. Cardboard boxes and single-use plastic envelopes are not protective and can cause damage to the expensive contents in transit. Our video explains this in more detail.

Why use Versapak Protective Device Carriers?

  • Versapak protective device carriers (Protective Tablet/Device Carriers) are versatile and can be used by many industries.
  • They are made using the highest quality materials and come with a 5 year guarantee.
  • They have built-in rigid impact protectors and internal padding to protect the fragile contents.
  • Versapak protective device carries can be reused over 2,000 times which makes them cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to single use bags.
  • They incorporate a tamper evident zip closure for use with Versapak T2 security seals ensuring that the contents remain secure.
  • We can manufacture our device carrier to suit our customers exact requirements offering larger or smaller sizes and we can overprint with company branding and logos.

Tamper Evident Protective Device Carriers

In addition to our reusable protective device carriers, we also supply tamper evident carriers for laptops and other personal property.

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