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Paramedic Backpack - Emergency Services Price on Request
This backpack is used to carry essential medical equipment during emergency call-outs.   It has been designed with the user in mind, and has a systematic layout of pockets and loops to allow for easy viewing and selection of the contents.
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Paramedic Shoulder Bag - Emergency Services Price on Request
This bag is practical and light, ideal for paramedics to organise and carry their equipment in an emergency. It is designed with multiple inside and outside pockets to organise emergency apparatus and has a comfortable carry strap.
Patient Overnight Bag - Red Bag £72.95
This NHS red bag has been designed as part of the NHS Red Bag Pathway Scheme. It is a high quality, hard wearing and durable bag for personal property of individuals when being transferred between their care home and hospital.
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Oxygen Cylinder Bag - Emergency Services £71.97 £119.95
This bag is used by paramedics to carry medical oxygen cylinders and accompanying pressure regulator. The bag of oxygen is large enough to carry either a 2L or 5L oxygen tank and is padded to protect the contents.
Single Use Security Envelopes - Tamper Proof Seal from £93.45
Polythene security bags used to safely store and transport sensitive items. 100% recyclable with a tear receipt. They have a unique barcode and sequential numbering. Price shown is per pack of 500 security bags.
VersaLite+ Plastic Pull Tight Security Seals (Numbered) £62.95
Versapak’s light duty, barbed tail pull/tie security seal, uniquely numbered. New and improved product providing the ultimate tamper evident pull tight seal with 2 breaking points.  It is suitable for a wide range of applications including sealing fire extinguishers, first aid kits and roll cages. Each pack contains 1,000 seals.
T2 Security Seals (Numbered) £46.45
Versapak premium security seal printed with unique numbers. Numbered T2 security seals are used to secure Versapak tamper evident bags pouches and carriers. This enables the tamper evident transportation of valuable items. Each pack contains 500 Security Seals.

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