Secure Holdall from £40.95
Designed to ensure large volumes of sensitive files and high value items are transported in a tamper evident manner. This versatile bag is reusable and made from high quality weather resistant material that is robust and burst proof.
Mail Pouch with Gusset from £33.95
Ideal for sending large, bulky items and has a long edge zip on 3 sides for easy loading. It is a reusable alternative to single use polythene envelopes. Versapak tamper evident document wallets are an integral part of procedures in banks, offices, retail outlets and document storage facilities.
Light Duty Mailing Pouch from £28.95
Features a gusset with rounded corners to easily open and close the zip. It is a reusable alternative to single use plastic envelopes. Versapak tamper evident mailing pouches and wallets are used to store and transport documents and confidential items in many industries worldwide.
Special Offer
Mailing Wallet - Keys and Items from £7.16 £8.95
Designed to store and transport small valuable items such as keys and jewellery. This reusable wallet for personal items replaces single-use polythene bags and is tamper evident when sealed with a Versapak numbered T2 security seal.
T2 Security Seals (Numbered) £46.45
Versapak premium security seal printed with unique numbers. Numbered T2 security seals are used to secure Versapak tamper evident bags pouches and carriers. This enables the tamper evident transportation of valuable items. Each pack contains 500 Security Seals.