Versapak believes in ethical manufacturing and reusable products

Versapak is committed to managing the impact it has on the environment. We designed the Versapak Sustainability Strategy to identify, monitor and improve on our sustainability. We continually look for improvements in how we work with our customers and suppliers and how we conduct ourselves as a business.

  • Reusable Products – Versapak pouches and carriers are reusable over 2,000 times.
  • Energy Efficient Injection Moulding Machine that manufactures most of our security seals.
  • Our locking mechanism Security Seals are 100% recyclable.
  • Our locking mechanism Security Seals are made from recycled plastic.
  • Recycle Seals Scheme – send us back your used seals and we will recycle them.
  • Recycle your Versapak Scheme – we use scrap material and surplus pouches and carriers and re-purpose the material.

Planet Mark Certification

Our commitment to sustainability has earned us certification by the Planet Mark and The Eden Project since 2019.

The Planet Mark recognises outstanding achievements and commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability. It measures a business’s carbon footprint and encourages reduction on an annual basis and only those companies that can show reduction year-on-year are awarded this accolade.

Versapak bags can be reused over 2,000 times which makes them environmentally friendly compared with single-use alternatives. We work hard to ensure that where possible, our products can be recycled or repurposed. Versapak operate a return and recycle programme for used plastic seals to save waste plastic entering landfill.

Click here to view our certificate.

Why not Recycle Your Seals?

Versapak's 'Recycle Your Seals' campaign is free to join and it’s really easy too.

Let us know you want to participate and we'll send you a free collecting bag.

Put all your used seals in the bag and when it is full post it back to us using the freepost address provided. When we receive your seals we will record how much plastic waste you have recycled and return the bag to you.

Recycle Your Versapak Scheme

At Versapak, reducing waste is really important to us, so we use our surplus material to make pencil cases. We work closely with charities, schools and food banks to distribute the pencil cases to less fortunate children.

We also take back used Versapak bags and repurpose the material to make groundsheets for the homeless and we donate used pouches and carriers to charity.

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