Explore exclusive deals in our Special Offers section, where you'll find discounted variants of selected products such as security seals, medical bags, cash bags, mailing / document bags and more.

Easily navigate to specific discounted variants using direct links, or browse all available options with a single click. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers to enhance your security protocols while saving on high-quality Versapak products.

Security Seals

VersaBolt - Metal Bolt Security Seal


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VersaCab - Heavy Duty Cable Security Seal


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Medical Carriers

Blood In Transit Medical Carrier

Small (T2, Light Blue)

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Insulated Human Tissue Carrier


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Ampoules Test Tube Pouch

T Seal

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Oxygen Cylinder Bag - Emergency Services

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Cash Handling Bags

Secure Cash in Transit Bag

Blue (Rectangle)

Green (Rectangle)

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Mailing & Document Pouches

Internal Document Pouch with Gusset


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Internal Mail Pouch


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Flat Document Wallet with Handle


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Secure Courier / Messenger Shoulder Bag


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Single Seam Mail Pouch with Gusset

Small (Button, Yellow)

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Device Protection Bags

Padded Device Storage Pouch


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Protective Laptop/Device Pouch

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Key & Personal Property Bags

Clear Security Wallet for Personal Items

Small (T Seal)

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Miscellaneous (Trolleys, Keys...)

Light Duty Mail Trolley

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Mail Sack Trolley - Single Sack

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Jailers Keyring

Small (50mm)

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